Bould Pack - Waterproof hemp sling

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Why Kodama?

The versatile travel sling and hip pack made from 100% hemp canvas.

  • 100% hemp canvas exterior 🌱
  • Expandable option for 20% more space 📈
  • Waterproof fabric 🌊
  • 5-part organization 🗃
  • Fits a full-size camera/1L Nalgene 📷

    Made from hemp canvas and a cotton blend strap. The buckle and components are made from bio-based nylon (40% nylon, 60% castor oil).

    care instructions

    Gently scrub the pocket area with a toothpaste and some hand soap to remove dirt and grime.

    Shipping and returns

    Delivery takes place within 5-7 working days. 30 days return policy.

    By combining the durable natural properties of the hemp plant with engineered, waterproof coatings, we've created a fabric that brings the best of nature into your adventures.

    Why hemp?

    Learning about hemp is like opening a treasure chest. The plant nourishes and repairs the soil, absorbs more carbon than most trees, and does so without the use of pesticides. Its use as a durable and tough material makes it perfect for products that are built to last.

    Easier on the go and your hands free

    Lightweight and easy to carry, but still enough space for all your essentials - without having to carry a whole backpack!

    Catch the moment

    The backpack is ready for any adventure, whether you need the camera for a photo or your water bottle.

    70% less synthetic

    By using less plastic, we reduce the amount of microplastics that are released at the end of a product's life cycle.

    70% less water

    As a fast-growing crop and resource, hemp requires much less input than cotton.

    Less CO2 emissions

    Hemp is able to sequester more carbon than a comparable amount of trees while restoring soil quality.

    Less land required

    Hemp can produce significantly higher yields compared to cotton on less than half the acreage. This can benefit farmers and preserve nature.

    Our goal

    Inspired by nature

    Our goal is to promote environmental awareness by connecting people with nature. The use and awareness of regenerative plants like hemp give us the opportunity for a healthier person and planet to thrive.

    About Us


    Is the bag fully waterproof?

    If the bag is completely submerged, water can seep through the seams. However, the bag can handle significant downpours and drenching while keeping your valuables protected.

    What are the dimensions of the bags?

    The bag is 23x13x9 cm. It can be expanded to 23x13x12 cm.

    How far can the bag be stretched?

    The straps can be up to 102cm long. There are strap adjusters on each side of the bag for you to make it looser or tighter depending on how you'd like to carry the backpack.

    Is hemp safe to travel?

    Hemp has a long shelf life and is easy to incorporate.

    It has long been used in clothing and bags with antibacterial properties.

    "When we fall in love with the natural world, we tend to care for it - in the same way we care for ourselves. Our connection with the planet is an important part of our time here."

    Chatan Konda, Founder of Kodama Gear