The mission

Gear that works as well as it looks. Made from nature's strongest materials.

water resistance

We've built water resistance right into the fabric itself - by fusing a water-based PU coating underneath the hemp textile. It is designed to withstand all adventures and keep your valuables safe and dry.


How strong is hemp? Our heavy canvas is strong enough that the cut of a sharp knife leaves almost no marks.

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Early prototypes convinced us to add an expandable section. It gives you the flexibility of a slim and stylish case for easy everyday transport with the option to expand if you need space for your favorite gadget like a 1 liter water bottle or a large camera.

Water resistant
Bio-based components
Easy cleaning
Versatile use cases
Made from hemp
Water resistant
Bio-based components
Easy cleaning
Versatile use cases
Made from hemp


Large open space for a variety of items and 5 different pockets

Versatile use cases

We designed the Bould pack to be useful in a number of travel scenarios. You can wear it as a shoulder bag/waist bag or as a sling across your back. It's subtle enough to complement all sorts of outfits without compromising on comfort or functionality.

Why hemp?

Learning about hemp is like opening a treasure chest. The plant nourishes and fixes the soil, absorbs more carbon than most trees and does not require any pesticides. Its use as a durable and sturdy Material makes it ideal for products that are built to last.

nourishes damaged soil and does not require pesticides

Does not require irrigation and offers high yields per hectare of land

interwoven with 10,000 years of human history

4x higher tear strength than cotton

Shipping and returns

Delivery in 5-7 working days. 30 days return policy.

colour: sand beige

The versatile travel sling and hip pack made from 100% hemp canvas.

  • 100% hemp canvas exterior 🌱
  • Expandable option for 20% more space 📈
  • Waterproof fabric 🌊
  • 5-part organization 🗃
  • Fits a full-size camera/1L Nalgene 📷


    Inspired by nature

    Our mission is to raise environmental awareness by empowering people with the
    connect nature. We believe in the use, awareness and marketing
    more regenerative agricultural crops like hemp open up new possibilities
    for the thriving of healthier people and a healthier planet.

    About Us


    Chatan (right) started Kodama as a side project during the pandemic after accidentally coming across hemp and learning about its environmental benefits.

    In order to convert the material into one suitable for equipment, we had to travel to its source in Vietnam and China. Our goal is to bring this versatile and sustainable material into products we love.

    Join the movement!

    Opt for equipment that is at the beginning and end of its lifecycle
    makes a difference. The ecosystem of the earth is fragile. let us
    design a future that works with nature, not against it.

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